COVID response

Due to rising numbers of COVID cases in Northeast Ohio,

our Sunday services will be online only for the month of January.

In order to protect the most vulnerable and provide a safe space for worship and fellowship we continue to assess our response to the current health crisis in our community. Our reopen team meets monthly.

Reopening team minutes

    Q:    Will we be wearing masks indefinitely?

    A:    No. We will continue to pay attention to science and adjust the protocols accordingly.

    Q:    Can vaccinated people spread the virus to children?

    A:    Yes. The same as with any other virus, vaccinated people are still able to not only pass the virus 

        to unvaccinated people, including children, they are also able to get the virus themselves. Also, 

        it continues to be possible to get the virus from those who are asymptomatic.    



Pastor Mindy shared Ted’s report that the choir is looking to return in the fall as usual. They will practice unmasked and sing the anthem on the steps unmasked. If the choir is not singing, they will sit in the pews. No decision has been made regarding singing in the pews as things will most likely be different come September.


DNS / Sunday School

Shelly reported that at the Board meeting it was stated that at the present time, masks in schools are optional. The CDC is continuing to recommend that all who are not vaccinated wear masks. The issue will be revisited prior to the start of school. The new state health person will be meeting with Morgen next week. At the present time, notice that non-vaccinated parents who come into the building must wear masks is being sent in the welcome packets.



The FDA has not approved vaccines for children under 12 yet; when the vaccine gets the ok, it will be distributed by age groups as has been the practice in general.


The Delta variant has proven to be troublesome. While it has been more prevalent in areas where less people have been vaccinated, it is showing up everywhere. The CDC and WHO are paying close attention to the spread so that an educated decision about a booster shot can be made. (7/14 - just this morning it was reported that 13 children have been hospitalized, 10 of whom are on ventilators)



As of today, 143 members who are eligible (anyone 12 and over) have been fully vaccinated. We have been keeping track by general conversation where people have offered they have been vaccinated, members who have specifically called the office to share the information and by paying attention to posts on FB.  



This past Sunday, 46 people came to worship in the Sanctuary, including two families. Many shared that they were fine with the protocols in place, including wearing masks; two shared they would not have been there if masks weren’t required due to compromised immune systems.