Our Mission

"The Pilgrim is one who moves, who cares, and is engaged in life." 

The Congregational Church was organized by the pilgrims of Plymouth in the early 1600s. Our Vermilion congregation first came together in 1818, and we are proud that after nearly 200 years, we are still working hard to put God's word into action, seeking justice for all. Our Mission Committee donates nearly $1,000 every month to local, national and international projects.

Vermilion Food Pantry

The Vermilion Food Pantry is a community-wide project, sponsored by the Vermilion Ministerial Association and operated out of our church.

The Pantry collects and distributes food and clothing for people in need within the Vermilion school district.

Bags of groceries are distributed the third Friday of the month from 10 to 11:30 am (except in December, when the distribution date is the second Friday).

Food is also available on an emergency basis weekdays from 9:00-1:00.

More than 20 volunteers are needed every month to keep the Pantry in operation. The project is funded almost entirely through donations.

For more information, call the office 440-967-5212.

How You Can Help

Volunteer - Make a cash donation - Make a food donation. Call 440-967-5212 for more information.


Find a regular meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous every Monday and Friday at 8 pm in Fellowship Hall.

Boy Scouts

Back in 1913, the pastor of our church formed our first Boy Scout troop. Since that time, with only a short break in 1956-57, our church has been proud to sponsor a troop, meeting every Thursday at 7 pm. Call 967-5212 for details about how you can join.