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A day in the life of a local church pastor

As I wake each day, I wonder what today might bring… I scroll my emails and check the church social media pages even before my feet hit the floor, so there are no surprises. A mug of tea, maybe at “Brewed Awakening” where I have a couple conversations with staff and patrons alike. Many days a quick stop by the beach to give thanks to God is very precious and needed as I drive towards the church. Usually, I am the first one in the building, I disarm the alarm, and check the building.

The day has begun…

Food pantry folks come in soon after me to deal with the donated food, and some days a conversation is had with our custodial staff as they empty trash and see to the cleaning of our building.

We are off and running….

Today begins with conversations and meetings…here are some from just one day…

…we are becoming too UCC and not autonomous enough coupled with a conversation

that says we aren’t being UCC enough.

…the best thing that we did on Sunday, from a young family’s children when asked at home,

was church “it was so fun”

joined with another person who said fun was emphasized too much that it is

“diminishing church”

And the many conversations of:

…Did you know that so and so fell, is really ill, has been moved, needs a prayer, wants you to

call, is have some mental health issues, doesn’t like what you are saying… etc…

…. mixed in with writing liturgy for the bulletin, checking in with staff, brainstorming new

ways to Be the church, what is the new news on Covid-19, do we need to mask

everywhere? What keeps all of our people safe? research to find the answers

….time to check emails again, and talk with a colleague, How are they doing?

…a message comes in by Facebook that needs to be dealt with right now…

someone needs help.

Lunch time!!

A zoom meeting, meeting with my mentee, phone calls, visits, finish the liturgy for the bulletin, look at the text, begin to study and exegete, check the calendar again, do I have an evening meeting?

My son moves out of state for the first time, still grieving my dad’s death and finally having some closure, helping my mother-in-law figure out how to move in with us, laundry, cleaning, finding time to facetime the grandkids, exercising, reading, renewing, relaxing…

I love being a pastor, some days are easier than others…. But all are God’s days. Some days are long, some are shorter, they balance out…. The day in the life of a local church pastor…

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