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Acts of love

In the wonderful movie, Princess Bride, there is a moment when Inigo Montoya asks the masked man, “Who are you?” The reply is, “No one of consequence.” Inigo insists, “I must know…” The masked man’s answer?… “Get used to disappointment.”

There are many times in our lives, and almost everyday of that life, we are disappointed. Things don’t turn out as we had hoped. Our ideas are rejected and we feel rejected. Life often presents a series of disappointments. When Inigo did not get the answer he wanted he simply replied, “‘kay” and then moved on. He didn’t give up hope of finding the answer. He didn’t stop in his endeavor. He accepted the fact that there are times things don’t go our way. There is more to life than disappointment.

If you find yourself in such a place, don’t give up. Keep moving on. You might find this is simply a place to pivot and discover something more profound just around the corner.

An act of love that fails is

just as much a part of the

divine life as an act of love

that succeeds, for love is

measured by its own

fullness, not by its


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