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There is no “I” in church

I have been doing a lot of thinking about what the church is, and what the church can be in the time in which we live. We are learning new ways to be the church, but some of us just want it to be like it always was. In the midst of a reformation of faith in this time and space, I think we are being called us to find new ways. I believe that this means that we will stream on-line and find times and ways, other than the traditional Sunday morning , to share our faith.

In advertising we hear the customer is always right. When I watch an ad, it always feels like I am being catered to. The advertising teams wants to make me feel special, wanted, important. I think then causes me to believe that life is all about me. That isn’t right. Life isn’t all about me. Life is about community and relationships and caring for one another.

How does this relate to the church, to my calling?

Many times, I think we come to church, to worship, with an agenda, and expect the church to meet my expectations, my needs. But the church does not exist to satisfy just my desires. The church is not here just for my comfort. The church isn’t about just me. The church is about Jesus. The church is not a social institution for my entertainment. The church is a place to teach me how to be a disciple, a follower of Jesus. Yes, the church is a place where many of our needs and desires can be met, but it isn’t, or shouldn’t be me centered.

When we make the church about me, focusing only on myself, I miss the reality of what church is. Church is a community of faith being “menders of broken walls, and restorer of livable streets. It’s not about me. It’s about the community of the people of God working together in harmony for God’s grace, and love, and hope and compassion.

When I come to church with a self-centered focus, I taint the heart of what the church is. When I prioritize what I want over faithfulness to the Gospel, engaging in God’s community, and investing in the mission of God’s love I take what is all about God and make it all about me. When I evaluate worship not by how lovely it is to God but by how I relate to the music style or how I feel about the song itself, or what the prophetic voice is saying, I are taking worship; the praise and mystery of God and making it about me.

The church is about God, not me. God is using me to share the love, mystery, hope of the Holy Spirit to be disciples, followers.

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